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Welcome to V V Academy

V V Academy a center for Competitive exams , giving coaching for RRB, Banking , for the last 4 years . Every year our students have got placed in many of the Government Sectors  . We provide quality education to the students providing them with excellent teaching faculty, study materials and conduct exams online and offline. We have a good library with many number of books and competitive magazines. We pay special care and attention for the people from rural background and poor.

Why VV academy

  • Exhaustive course content
  • Experienced faculty
  • Focus on tricks and shortcuts in maths and reasoning
  • Weekly full length test online and offline
  • Adequate competitive environment among students
  • Students-friendly faculty members, always available to quide you
  • Regular exam alerts and application assistance.

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4 hours ago

V V Academy

3rd SHIFT – APRIL 12 2016 – (04.00 P.M-05.30 P.M ) – RAILWAYS NTPC EXAM GK QUESTIONS ASKED in (12.04.2016) (YESTERDAY) :

1) Who was commissioner of Delhi Police before Bassi?
Neeraj Kumar

2) What is Quick Silver? Ans: mercury

3) Milk of Magensium used in? Ans: Constipation

4) Who invented Band-aid? Ans: Earle Dickson

5) Who invented bifocal lens? Ans: Benjamin Franklin

6) Who is Chairman of FIFA? Ans: Gianni Infantino

7) Who constructed China Wall? Ans: Qin Shi Huangdi

8) Martin Crowe who recently passed away, was caption of which country? Ans: New Zealand

9) Who was architecture of Delhi? Ans: Edwin Lutyens
10) State and Union Territory was mentioned in which Article? Ans: Article 1
11) What is the name of process heat glass is slowly cooling? Ans: Annealing
12) Equal size planet of earth? Ans: Kepler-452b
13) Who won Australian Grand Pix 2015? Ans: Lewis Hamilton
14) Nepal PM in 2015? Ans: Sushil Koirala
15) Which Rays used in Airports which passes through solids?
16) At the time of Independence how many Ruling kings were there? Ans: 565
17) How many members walked on moon up to? Ans: 12
18) Hawa Mahal Build by ? Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh
19) Hakuho belongs to which game ? Sumo Judo
20) Mobile phone inventor ? Martin Cooper
21) Preservation of Ozone layer is celebrated on ? 16 December SEE MORE…See Less

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