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RRB ALP Exam Analysis for All Days & Slots

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RRB ALP పరీక్షా విశ్లేషణ 2018  ఆగస్టు 10th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 29th, 30th, and 31st 2018 వ తేదిన  అడిగే  ప్రశ్నలు (All Shifts) విశ్లేషణ .

The RRB ALP exam will commence from 9th August 2018 onwards. The exam will continue on 10th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 29th, 30th, and 31st August 2018.We will be providing the RRB ALP and Technician exam analysis for all the dates and slots. You can find the overall as well as the sectional difficulty level, weightage of topics, a good number of attempts, and questions asked in the exam. Those students who have to appear for the exam in upcoming dates can make most of this analysis & can increase their scores. Scroll down to find the same.


The table below shows the exam analysis of all days & all slots. We will keep updating the link as the exam gets over.

ఈ  పరీక్ష  విశ్లేషణ మొత్తం పరీక్ష నమూనా అభ్యర్దులు అర్థం చేసుకోవడానికి మరియు భవిష్యత్తు తేదీలలో ఈ పరీక్ష రాసే అభ్యర్దులకు  ఉపయోగకరంగా ఉంటుంది

RRB ALP Exam Analysis & Questions Asked
Date Analysis Shift 1 (10-11 AM) Analysis shift 2 (1-2 PM) Analysis shift 3 (4-5 PM)
9th August Day 1 Shift 1 Analysis Day 1 Shift 2 Analysis Day 1 Shift 3 Analysis
10th August Day 2 Shift 1 Analysis Day 2 Shift 2 Analysis Day 2 Shift 3 Analysis
13th August Day 3 Shift 1 Analysis Day 3 Shift 2 Analysis Day 3 Shift 3 Analysis
14th August Day 4 Shift 1 Analysis Day 4 Shift 2 Analysis Day 4 Shift 3 Analysis
17th August Day 5 Shift 1 Analysis Day 5 Shift 2 Analysis Day 5 Shift 3 Analysis
20th August Day 6 Shift 1 Analysis Day 6 Shift 2 Analysis Day 6 Shift 3 Analysis
21st August Day 7 Shift 1 Analysis Day 7 Shift 2 Analysis Day 7 Shift 3 Analysis
29th August Day 8 Shift 1 Analysis Day 8 Shift 2 Analysis Day 8 Shift 3 Analysis
30th August Day 9 Shift 1 Analysis Day 9 Shift 2 Analysis Day 9 Shift 3 Analysis
31st August Day 10 Shift 1 Analysis Day 10 Shift 2 Analysis Day 10 Shift 3 Analysis

Day-wise RRB ALP & Technician Exam Analysis

RRB ALP Exam Analysis 10th August 2018 – Shift 3

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Check the RRB ALP Exam Analysis for 10th August 2018